Renal Specialists of Houston, P.A. was founded in 1977 by Dr. Camilo Barcenas. With an office located in St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, he set out to treat patients with compassion and superb expertise. He soon hired Dr. Whitson (Pete) Etheridge and Dr. Henry Muniz, and they began to extend the practice to the southeast quadrant of Houston. Dr. Sarah Shearer joined Renal Specialists in 1991.

Dr. Barcenas and Dr. Etheridge opened the first dialysis facility in Pasadena, and Dr. Muniz opened the first dialysis center in Clear Lake.

Today, there are 19 nephrologists in the practice, and Renal Specialists of Houston is one of the 10 largest nephrology practices in the United States. We have a multi-cultural group of physicians who believe in Dr. Barcenas' principle of excellent, compassionate care for patients.