Sheila Jones

How long have you been with RSOH?
Since 1993.

Which RSOH physician was your physician?
Started with Dr Shearer and then Dr Etheridge but Dr Timmins ended up being my primary Doctor with RSOH.

How has RSOH improved your lifestyle?
Saved my life actually. I was on a transplant list for a while and then I got a transplant and the first one didn’t take, So I got another one and it’s been doing fine. I’ve been in and out of the hospital with various problems I have been having problems with my breathing and I went into cardiac I got chf now and whiie in the hospital I coded and Dr Timmins worked on me and go me back to livin.

Why would you recommend RSOH?
I think they are a class act. The Drs take a personal interest in you, they get to know you. You see them all the time so they know your history I am in another hospital I asked to be transferred to downtown so that I could be seen by RSOH physician because they know my history and they are able to access things a lot quicker than some of the other Drs at other hospitals are.

How has your experience been with RSOH?
I’m so happy with them I could shout. It’s been superb.

What are the top 3 good things you would say about RSOH?
Do quality work. They take care of you. They are interested in you.