Ella Hughes

How long have you been with RSOH?
Transplant 6 years ago, 2008.

Which Dr from St Luke’s was your primary physician?
Dr Yao

How has your experience been with RSOH?
I couldn’t ask for better care. I received a higher quality of medical care that I have ever received before and the monitoring that they do is fantastic I don’t have to worry about my bodily functions because of the blood work, they get right back with you.

How has RSOH improved your lifestyle?
They have taken away a large percentage of the worry because of the monitoring that they do. I can just live my daily life without worrying about how I’m doing.

How has Dr Yao been there for you and your family?
Lost my sister in 2012 always asks how I’m doing emotionally. Moved my sister from Kansas in her early stages of her illness and Dr Yao also saw her till she passed.

Why would you recommend RSOH?
Because of the high level of care and concern. Geniuly concerned about the status of the patients health. Very nice from the minute I walk in. everyone is very nice and cordial.

What are the top 3 good things you would say about RSOH?
1-They care both physically and emotionally about their pts.
2- Follow up is fantastic
3-They are very very professional and thorough.