Cynthia Hansen

How long have you been with RSOH?
Close to 5 years

Which RSOH Doctor is your Doctor?
Dr. Pandya

How has RSOH improved your lifestyle?
I had to start out on dialysis in the Alvin clinic had lots of problems with my veins and arteries and Dr Pandya stated that I needed a transplant or I wasn’t going to make it. Dr Pandya helped me thru it and directed me to the right people and the right evaluations and virtually coordinated everything with the transplant team at St Lukes.

How has Dr Pandya been there for you and your family?
Very supportive, always there when something went wrong or when I wasn’t feeling good he was always there when I or my family had a question to answer it.

Why would you recommend RSOH?
Souley because of their expertise, their support team, and they are family orientated.

What are the top 3 things you would say about Dr Pandya and RSOH?
Dr. Pandya is my wonder doctor.